Our Organization

Josephburg Agricultural Society History

January 5, 2017 marks the 44th anniversary of the formation of the Josephburg Agricultural Society. The society was originally created to form a committee to build on to the existing community hall. A freestanding structure, now known as Moyer Recreation Center, was built instead. It included a full size arena, gymnasium and kitchen area for catering. The center officially opened on May 10, 1975 and was planned to serve the needs of the people from the surrounding area. Although Strathcona County has taken over the ownership and management of the center, the Josephburg Agricultural Society has continued to add to the facility and support all programs.

Over the years the JAS has contributed to the community in many ways. Just take a stroll on the lighted, paved walkway in Heritage Park, the initial creation of it was a JAS project. Call your neighbour and enjoy the skateboard park, basketball court, horseshoe pits, shale ball diamonds or take those kids to the new farm-themed playground.

The Recreation Grounds situated two miles east of Josephburg was once the focus of many picnics and events. Many of these events are now held directly in the hamlet. The outdoor riding arena over the years has been kept up with the help of a Dow Grant and a Lottery Grant. A permanent, covered picnic shelter was built at the grounds in 2003. Funds for the shelter came from a Dow Chemical Community Grant and a Provincial Government CIP Grant. The County of Strathcona also contributed funds. The shelter provides a covered, yet outdoor gathering facility for various summer events as well as providing a shade on a hot day. The playground was improved with the addition of a small rock climbing wall.




  • Contribute to the quality of life within the community
  • Provide and maintain facilities and services for the community
  • Allow community members personal development and social opportunities through volunteer activities
  • Work with agriculture, government and industry
  • Provide support for the introduction of new programs
  • Offer affordable programming to keep young families in the area
  • Support the changing needs of people through education and leadership
  • Be flexible in an ever changing vibrant community



To support activities that improve the quality of life in our rural community.




To establish long term partnerships with other community organizations and agencies that have a similar mission and are striving towards the same goals. To encourage improvement in the quality of life in the agricultural community by developing programs, events, services and facilities based on the needs of the community whether it be rural or urban residents.


To anticipate and respond to the changing needs of the people who live, work and play in the rural environment.


To ensure that the Society is viable with a strong membership and sustainable funding.


To promote agricultural initiatives in our community for both young and old to maintain our past, present and future. To maintain and foster the spirit of the community through memberships, volunteerism and the organization of community events including entertainment, sport, programs, 4-H, scholarships, sponsorship and fund raising projects.